Mapple Syrup is the liquid gold of Canada and here's a luxury book about it

As we know, Mapple Syrup is a big deal in Québec. It's also the liquid gold of Canada. Recently Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP) released a new book, Incroyable Érable, at a gourmet
event hosted by media personality and actor Élyse Marquis, as a guide to the many different ways to enjoy maple products.

More than a cookbook, Incroyable Érable conveys a passion for this noble and ancestral miracle of nature that makes Québec famous around the world.

“Maple products are now considered gourmet ingredients, attracting special attention from the best chefs here and around the world,” according to QMSP Director of Promotion, Innovation, and Market Development, Nathalie Langlois. “We’ve endeavoured to put together all the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years in a single book.”

Maple syrup has earned the reputation as one of the world’s great products, a kitchen essential like olive oil. And beyond syrup, maple comes in a wide range of derivatives such as butter, taffy, hard sugar, flakes, spirits and, of course, maple water. Very few terroir products are so unique and versatile. “This book is a tribute to all the artisans, the chefs, pastry-makers, bakers, chocolate-makers, spice hunters, and certainly the producers themselves, who share a love for this marvellous product and use it with such exceptional skill,” said Ms. Langlois.

The book reveals maple’s multiple facets, from the perspectives of the producers who actively work in the Québec sugar bushand the 11 Maple Culinary Ambassadors1, as well as its storied history and successes around the world. You will learn how to cook with maple in new ways through its 63 original recipes, along with tantalizing photos and, expert guidance from French chef and journalist Philippe Mollé, an avid maple devotee and master of its use as an ingredient. Together,
they present a formidable body of knowledge combined with daring innovations and remarkable creativity.

Although maple syrup has been pleasing our palates for years, it still conceals many secrets that are only now coming to light in laboratories across the world. Scientific research is exposing its intriguing nutritional properties, including a wealth of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals direct from Mother Nature. Maple is truly different from other sweeteners.

As a special accent to the launch of Incroyable Érable, QMSP decided to combine gastronomy with the spoken word by inviting the socially-engaged novelist and slam poet David Goudreault to perform at the event.

QMSP President Serge Beaulieu adds that “the enthusiasm for our liquid gold is undeniable: Québec maple is loved around the world. In 2017, Canada exported maple products to the tune of $382 million. Our very own maple syrup is now being enjoyed in 60 countries by people who value something new and authentic. This is such a source of pride for Québec. We account for 90% of Canadian maple syrup production and, on average, 72% of all the maple syrup produced in the world
each year!”

Maple lovers can find Incroyable Érable in all Québec bookstores, in superstores, and select food retailers for $29.95.

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