Cook It: The luxury meal prep boxes who saved mom in Ontario and Quebec

As you know, time is money, but having time is a luxury. A couple month ago I discovered Cook It, a Montreal's business meal prep boxes like Hello Fresh, Chef Plate or Good Food. It's also so luxurious because of the quality of their ingredients and the hard work they put in ecoresponsability.

So I'm inviting you to join Cook it's ready-to-cook delivery service. The recipes are simple, the ingredients are fresh, and with both of them on hand, you'll never have to agonize over what to cook for dinner again.

Also, if you use my code JOSIANNEJ938, you'll save 50% on your first 2 orders, and I'll save 40$ on my next one. Well isn't that nice? (And if you share it too, you can have the same deal)

You have so much great meal like and some luxury like Cognac Lobster or Duck. I know you are already excited by what you read.

Only available for Ontario and Quebec.

Let me know what you think!

See you soon,

Madame Brivest

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