Our top 4 ways to start a business from home

If you are reading on us right now, it's probably because you got ambition, not just small tiny ambition of becoming a manager at McDonald's (nothing bad about that) but real ambitions of being your own boss, traveling the beaches of the world, to live a life of abundance and freedom.

Most of the peoples who achieved a 7+ figures annual earning did not earn it by being an employee, you need to have control over your finances you need to take control of your income, you need a plan, a business model that is scalable up to the stratosphere and then up to the moon and beyond.

So in this blog post we will share you a couples of realistic and proven  way you can start your journey to the millions and before we start let me remind you that we have nothing to pitch you this blogpost is 100% genuine and transparent and come from our own experience from what it took to us to earn 7 digits.

Let’s go!

Write an Ebook

The first home based business with a 7 digits potentials that we are going to talk about is  to write an Ebook, I would recommend you to write about pretty much anything your good at, anything that you have knowledge over the average, after that you can use a platform like Kindle or Clickbank to do the promotions of it.

Start a consulting business

Today we live in an era where informations is worth more than pretty much anything else. When you have a specific knowledge of something , someone somewhere is willing to pay for it, promote yourself, promote your knowledge and start consulting, either it be Social Media, Architecture, arts, automotive, personal development etc, find what you know a lot of things about, find what passionate you and spread the informations.

Create a blog

It's never been easier to create yourself a blog,find a topic you like to talk about and start blogging , it's never been easier with platform such as blogger and wordpress. Also one great thing about blogging is that there’s so many way to monetize it, you can use it to promote a business you already own, you put affiliate link when you promote a specific product, you can generate a revenue from the ads (be sure to take a good ads agency) and once you will have a good enough audience brand will start approaching you to promote their own products, I could do a blogpost just about this topic.

Join a shopping club

This one is my personal favourite, and is a pretty cool alternative to network marketing / MLM that you need sometime some serious money to join in,

Some manufacturers now offer shopping club where you can buy directly from them, it cut the intermediary and some brand will pay big money for that, write to us and private and we will refeer you to our personal favourite shopping club.

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