How we Acquiered a Millionaire Mindset ? (Book reading)

If you read this, it's because you want to be a millionaire...
or maybe a billionaire. The first step to be a milionnaire is to get the mindset. It's not easy to be a millionaire. You have to be ready to do and achieved what ever it takes to be a millionaire. The First step is to acquiered a millionaire mindset. Before getting a crazy rich millionaire, you have to acquired the mindset of one. How do you acquiered that? What will be in this blog post will be a total gift for you!

First of all, stop wasting time on social media except if it's to promote yourself, your personnal brand or listen to good things for your mind like Grant Cardone or your mentor. Wait you don't have mentor? Stop watching the stupid cat stuff and find one, it will be really useful ( we will cover that in another blog post).

Then, follow those steps:

1- Read The Millionaire Booklet by Grant Cardone
This book is the starter of your future millionaire mindset. You want to read and read again this book until you get millionaire. You can buy this book on Grant Cardone Website. Grant Cardone also have many good books and workshop you want to follow. Click here now if you want to start your journey to be a milionnaire and buy The Millionaire Booklet. You need this to think like a millionnaire.

2- Do a vision board

You need to have goal and focus on what you want. You need a vision board! A vision board is a board with your goal and what you want, how you want your life, in a perfect word what you have! I also recommend to keep a journal with positive tought with word at the present like: I am, I do, I take, etc. you need to feel it and focus on it. But don't forget to take action, because vision without action is simply hallucination.

3- Educate yourself, read more and more
One of the best way to get rich is having the rich mindset and having the rich mindset need you to read a lot and be educate. Stop reading and watching junk, start now to educate yourself and read more and more. Read at least one book per week.

4- Eat once in a while an expensive meal or go try an expensive car
Feel how to be rich is a great way to visualise and stay focus on your goal. You maybe saw the early 90's movie Wayne's World with the canadian actor Mike Myers? Well, each time he went to the music store he said at one guitar, one day you will be mine! Maybe eat some homemade sushi, with non-expensive caviar and oyster or go try an expensive car at the car dealer. Feel it! It feel great right? Well now you have feel it, get it for good. I have a good Steak Tartare recipe just here for you.

5- Invest your money don't spend it
Stop wasting money and spend it in junk! Start to invest now! Even if it is one dollar, invest it first in yourself, education and then bigger investement like real estate and maybe in others business.

6- Think always bigger
Stop being cheap mind and think small. Yes you can have it all! You can be successful, rich, having the life of your dream. Stop thinking it's not possible. I dare you to dream big!

7- Promote yourself
Promote yourself, not a product. You have to go out of the shadow. Introduce yourself until you have not to do that. Each time you can, introduce yourself, what you're up to. If you don't promote yourself who will? So let's start today by promoting yourself.

Being a millionaire is not selfish, you can help more people, your community and do so much for the other when you are a millionaire. So are you ready to be a millionaire? Well just follow us each week to learn how you can become a millionaire. If we did it, you can also do it.

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