This Christmas treat your kid with the real American Girl dolls

Christmas can be magical for children. The snow, Christmas carols, family meals, leaving cookies for Santa, and most importantly the gifts! But as parents, finding that perfect gift for your child is not an easy task. One option for you is American Girl dolls. It is a simple yet beautiful gift that will surely make your child squeal with happiness. But it can be a little hard to choose from all the amazing options that are available on this Christmas; we are going to help you find the perfect American Girl Doll for your child.

The 5 most popular American Girl Dolls to get your child for Christmas
  1. Samantha Doll
This one is a classic. Samantha was born during the Edwardian period and loves climbing trees. This doll was one of the original three American Girl dolls. If you want to start a collection of American Girl dolls, the Samantha doll is the best way to start. You may be able to find the original one online but it is not as common so it is not easy to find. And they will expensive as well. For now, we suggest you get your baby the new Samantha that has new books, accessories and a makeover.
  1. Molly McIntire
If you really want one of the original three American Girl dolls, you can look for Molly McIntire. She is no longer in production but you might an original if you look for it. Her back story is pretty touching: she lost her parents during World War II but continues to help wounded soldiers. If you think this story might appeal to your child, go for it! Molly also comes with glasses and was the first American Girl doll to do so.
  1. Kit Kittredge
If you have got a tomboy at home who loves sports and the outdoors, Kitty Kittredge is a great option. She is actually pretty popular, mostly because of her 2008 movie "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl". A tomboy from 1930s, Kitty is a clever girl from Cincinnati.
You can also get your child a pair of best friend American Girl dolls!
  1. Julie Albright 
If you have a got spirited young child who enjoy ideas of feminism and peace movements, Julie is a good option. She is a 9-year-old living in San Francisco in 1974. Her 1970s clothes and accessories are pretty fun. If you and your spouse are divorced, Julie is a good way for your child to deal with the idea because Julie is also the only American Girl doll who has divorced parents. Her best friend is Ivy!
  1. Ivy Ling
If you are a Chinese American family, Ivy will fit right in with you because she is the only Chinese American doll. Her mother is studying to be a lawyer and her father is working two jobs to help the family. Ivy loves gymnastics and her best friend is Julie!

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