Parfums M.Micallef | Launching of individual fragrances dedicated To Toddlers

Martine Micallef was committed to celebrate in 2016 her grandchildren’s birth, she created the new Parfums M.Micallef’s collection specially dedicated to toddlers, named Baby’s collection. Martine imagined a child’s imaginary world with a nice rabbit companion who travels with toddlers. This lovely range with delicate and subtle scents, is perfect for the sensitive nose of little ones.

In 2017, the box will be launch in singles set of scented water alcohol free Tendre Douceur, Petit Coeur, Petite Fleur on a refined packaging. Bottles will be accompanied by its cuddly bunny named Harry. Products could be personalized for a sweet, seductive and original gift of birth.

Tendre Douceur

A fragrance with gourmet and cuddly notes of cherry and candy apple will appeal to toddlers.

Petit Coeur

A fresh and pure fragrance associating lemon, mint and bergamot notes will wrap delicately the toddler’s skin.

Petite Fleur

A tender and silky fragrance which will open baby’s senses by making them discover irresistible notes of orange blossom delicately.

Grasse, France– Founded in Grasse in 1996, the brand  Parfums M.Micallef is now a signature in the world of high-end luxury perfumes. Distributed in 60 countries and  around  900 sales outlets.The whole concept of the brand is based on the encounter between two beings. Geoffrey Nejman, who is  the nose of the company and Martine Micallef, the soul and creator. Driven by their love and passion, and carried by their artistic sensibility, they decided to design together unique fragrances  made of rare and noble materials, preserved in remarkable hand-decorated  bottles  in their ateliers in Grasse.

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