Ford winter adventure

In a cold day of February Ford  Canada invited us to an adventure, not any kind of adventure, they invited us for a #FordWinterAdventure, an adventure where we will test Ford vehicle in the harshest condition in North America, Canadian winter not any kind of winter Quebec winter.

The Plan was to go from the airport to a sugar shack then the sugar shack to the amazing l’Ésterel Resort by taking the mountainy road of the laurentians.

After a quick briefing about how the trip  was going to be we were assigned an amazing Ford Explorer Platinum, it had heated steering wheel, heated seat ( a must have for cold Canadian winter), Android auto and even massaging seat also it included all the bells and whistles you can expect for a top of the line full size SUV.

Once on the road there’s 3 thing we realised about how the Ford Explorer platinum drive’s  it handle curve like a champ, I don’t know any vehicle of its size that can take curve like the Ford Explorer does,  it doesn't feel heavy at all, the acceleration are very quick and it carry its weight like a sedan and the last thing we figured out is the fuel economy, I don’t have exact number but it has a better gas consumption then my 2013 midsize sedan. With the Ford Explorer Platinum you really feel like you are traveling on a cloud, the only thing I did not liked about it was that the steering feel a bit disconnected/soulless other then that I can say it easily compete with German car manufacturer that offer similar product for almost twice the price.

Once we arrived at the sugar shack we had the opportunity to have traditional sugar shack meal made of pea soup, ham,tourtière, christ ears,baked beans,omelette and for sure with maple syrup on everything, it was great.

After that to go to l’Esterel Resort in the laurentian mountain we were given the Ford edge, the ford edge is great it does what it need to do but nothing more, we were impressed by how spacious it was and by the huge panoramic sunroof other than that for a similar price we preferred the  Ford Flex(we will come to that later on). Nonetheless our Ford Edge did great in the mountain roads.

We arrived at the l’Ésterel Resort we were impressed by how big those installation are specially almost in the middle of the forest like that. l’Esterel Resort offer all kind of services and installation , such as spa, massage, snowmobile guided trip, many restaurant to chose from, a wine cellar that offer one of the most exclusive collection in Canada and all you can expect from a four season high end luxury 4 seasons resort in Canada.
After a good night of sleep our day 2 was going to be packed with action and Adrenaline, we were going to Mecaglisse ( a racing track) to have the opportunity to try the new Ford Raptor and  Ford Focus RS.

We were assigned a Ford Flex, the first thing we thought when we sit in it, its that its has spacious as a mini van after once we got on the road we figured that it handle like a sport hatch back car, it’s really the perfect mix of the 2 world a fun and spacious SUV that handle like a sport car.

After a quick stop to taking pictures of our flex in the amazing scenery of the laurentians mountains we arrived at Mecaglisse (the racetrack) we were greeted by a team of race drivers who are about to show us how to exploit the full potential of the Ford Focus RS and the new Ford raptor.

We started with a rough and muddy track with the Raptor we were impressed by how comfortable the truck is even in the hardest condition the truck handle everything nature throw at it and even with its new V6 Ecoboost its sounds great.

After that we tried the Ford Focus RS, it’s literally a race car for the street everything about it scream RACE CAR and it’s look gorgeous especially in blue, it sounds like a race car it drive like it and its a car that is ready out from the dealership to go on a racetrack, its the perfect toy for  adult and its seat 5 like a regular Ford Focus, ton of fun, no compromise.

After we were done with the Focus RS we went back home, it was a great adventure or a great #FordWinterAdventure should I say, Ford is making so much effort at making their car more reliable, efficient, fun and to listen to the peoples that I don’t have any problem recommending them. This trip was amazing and full of memories and  I absolutely need to thanks Ford Canada for the invitation.

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