The perfect family cruise with Disney

What has Disney ever done that wasn’t magical and simply the best? Well I for one cannot think of one thing to mention here. I absolutely adore that comes in from the Disney franchise and I certainly have a reason for that too.

So here comes the much awaited review for the ever so famous Disney cruise line…
As soon as you enter any of the four cruise liners, you’ll realize that they certainly have a very soft spot for all things Disneyand are absolutely adored by families who choose to travel on board. The cruise line with its four ships namely- Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy have received excellent reviews and appreciation from families and critics for their child friendly atmosphere, very spacious staterooms and of course their whimsical features. The Disney theme is understated in the ships so much so that everybody on board can reconnect with their sentimental memories of Disney childhood without being over the top. Although the entire ships are child friendly, all of them have secluded adult areas with pools, lounges and restaurants as well.
All the four vessels of the cruise line vary in size but you will certainly find one crew member attributed to every two passengers on the ships. The destinations these ships travel to happen to be a treat too. The Disney ships sail from Miami, San Diego and also New York and head off to various exotic spots in Europe, Alaska, the Caribbean and also Canada. The duration of the voyage varies from 3 days to 12 days and of course destinations and itinerary. You also get the chance to delve into some amazing excursions on the shore and indulge in activities life rafting, horseback riding and other sporty activities as per the itinerary of the vessel you choose to take a cruise on.
Back on the ships, there are plenty of activities which will never make you want to leave the ship. You get Disney themed pools (an absolute joy for the kids), spas and of course youth clubs. The main dining room of the ships is themed entirely with Disney characters and you get some good Disney entertainment too. For kids the character meet and greet, Disney movies and live shows happen to be splendid treats.

The only drawback to the Disney Cruise Line is the fact that you have to pay separate fee for shore excursions and a few other onboard amenities. Adult only activities are yet few in number but the ones awarded are enough to freshen you up.

The Disney Cruise Line is a great choice if you’re planning a vacation or a holiday with the kids. The meals and non-alcoholic drinks on board along with all on board activities are covered in the fare. If you happen to be a Florida resident, you can special rates too. And the best part? The cabins are very spacious so you don’t have to worry about being crammed in or feeling sea sick at all.

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