Cinema Cineplex VIP experience in Brossard tested by Marie-Eve & Jean-Philippe

I’m pretty sure everyone likes to go to the cinema once in awhile but have you tried the VIP Experience? If you didn't go yet, you will!

First you go in and you choose the movie, after that they make you choose your seat. These seats are nothing compare to what you have ever experience, it's like being on a sofa without the leg rest. When you get your ticket you enter into a restaurant that also have a bar.

You can either eat at the table or you can order and have it delivered at your seat!! I was so surprised you have no idea!!! Since we were short on time we decided to order the food and popcorn and we make our way to the seats.

When you enter the room, there a lady waiting and showing us where are the seats we have chosen.

The room is so beautiful, this is the luxury package right here.

The movie was about to start and you see the waiters coming back and forth with food and drinks, you are so eager to get yours.

We watched the movie Star Wars : Rogue One.

After 3 minutes, (That's almost 10 minutes after ordering) we received the popcorn and drink. My Ave Caesar was spicy as I like it and the Brazilian coffee for my wife was so delicious with a good size of whipped cream. I also like very much that the popcorn container was made of cardboard and not noisy paper.

I know I keep repeating myself but these seats are made for something and it’s called having a nice time with the wife. Sitting next to each other and having a lot of space to cuddle, best time ever at the movie’s. If you want to go on a date, this is the place you want to go. The Cuddle zone is awesome! (The armrest in the middle can be remove, that’s the cuddle zone)

The food :

I choose the Squid and my wife chose one big hamburgers, you know the one you have to exercise your mouth to open this big? Yeah this one with the mushroom and cheese. Delicious!!!

Cineplex has bring this to a whole new level. The service is impeccable, the food is so delicious and the seats!! I know I know but the seats are something I like so much!!

One thing I didn't talk about and you will not find this anywhere else, the Toilets. Normally you get a big room full of tiles and they tried to make it look like its awesome but it's not. At the VIP Experience you get private toilet. Private!! So clean and well done, I was flabbergasted at the level of VIP we got!

My first experience at the VIP was so positive that I will not go back to what I was used to!

Oh and by the way,: Star Wars : Rogue One  is a very good movie. It filled the gap between Episode III and and Episode IV. This movie will never be as good as Episode V, but rest assure that as a Star Wars Fan I was not deceived.

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