Ford F-150 with the exciting novelty for outdoor enthusiasts - #FordQuébec

While Josy was doing yoga, I was out in the wild trying the new Pro Trailer backupassist from Ford. A new addition in all Ford F150 equipped with the towing equipment group that costs less than $ 1000, but also standard on XLT and above. A group of equipment that is well worth the trouble, if you intend to tow with your shiny F150.

* The trailer assist the driver when reversing Pro on the 2016 Ford F-150 makes it easy for drivers all levels reversing with a trailer or to bring a boat to water.
* This technology is a first in the industry. It allows the driver to instinctively redirect the wheels of a trailer by turning a knob left or right on the dashboard to indicate the direction; the control truck management and limit vehicle speed
* The trailer assist device when reversing is the latest example of Ford revolution in progress: providing consumers with practical solutions to improve productivity and better enjoy moments relaxing.

To have myself tried the pro backupassist trailer, I can only be amazed face this technology, I myself have had a few occasions to park trucks with a trailer, only to take a few minutes sometimes even tens of minutes of work to get there while with the pro trailer backupassist it can be accomplished in seconds. At the press event, I could even see a demonstration of this technology by someone who has not even a driver's license who managed to park a trailer with a huge boat in only seconds. In summary, the pro backupassist trailer makes reversing with a trailer accessible to everyone, without having to practice for hours before they can do so with finesse and efficiency. Now that we're in the future I would have struggled to operate a trailer with a truck that is not equipped with this technology. Again, Ford continues to innovate.

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