Asian Steak tartare, mention of : Butchers F. Ménard Longueuil #Paleo

After 4 weeks running everywhere and eating food from the slow cooker, as well as eating on the road, I finally took the time to cook really aesthetic dishes to share on our blog. For Mother's Day, I wanted a steak tartare with a good bottle of red wine. I thought I should go to a butcher to find excellent quality beef, and I asked Simon to bring me to the Boucherie F. Ménard inside the Public Market Longueuil. This was my first experience at Boucherie F. Ménard and certainly not the last. The beef that the butcher served us literally melted in mouth and was just perfect for the tartare, not including the amount (2 times very large portions of tartare and a Mini one for our Daughter). our whole meal cost us less than $30 and we really eated  well. Seriously with the service, quantity, quality and price, it is clear that I return to the Boucherie F. Ménard for my next steak tartare. I recommend the Boucherie F. Ménard! By the way, this was the second time I had a beef tartare, usually I'm more fond of salmon tartare.

Until my next visit to the Boucherie F. Ménard Public Market Longueuil, how about that I share you my Asian beef tartare recipe I made ​​for mother's Day.

beef sirloin cut into brunoise (tiny cube)
1/4 cup sweet soy sauce
finely chopped ginger
For the Sriracha taste
1/8 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon sesame oilof table
a pinchsalt flower
Optional some panko to create a crisp effect (we do not use, because it is not Paleo not)

Decorations: edible flowers and coriander for decoration serving.)!


in a bowl, mix the ingredients (except the panko if you use that will be made ​​at the last minute before  Refrigerate 30 minutes before serving so that the flavors pervades all. Serve with a salad or just decoration. You can put in Emportes-roombeauty.

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