A discovery lunch at PF Changs #PFchangsQuebec

Wednesday , Simon and I had the chance to Lunch at PF Changs and meet its founder Philipp Chiang. Although we loved our meal and experience at PF Changs to be able to meet an exceptional entrepreneur such has Mr. Philipp Chiang was an honor.

PF Changs is a remarkable Asian restaurant chain well known in the United States. For now in the province of Quebec, we have two locations. The history of PF Changs restaurants all started in San Francisco, with a restaurant call The Mandarin by the mother of Phillip Chang then they openned a more casual  restaurant"the mendarette" Then PF Chiang arrived later on  has a mix of both. They describe their kitchen as a kitchen that passes through time most recipes are still faithful to the one use by the mother of M,Chiang . An interesting fact is that about 70% of the menu is the same no matter where in the world you eat of PF Changs. Pf Changs thus guarantees a consistent experience no matter where you are in the world.

we eat a bit of  The famous lettuce wraps with chicken Chang, pork dumplings handmade, Ahi tartare and avocado, dynamite shrimp, lobster and avocado sushi, chicken salad with lemongrass, beef Mongolia, Lo Mein with chicken, chili Bar oolong tea, Chang chicken (a General Tao style), spring roll on banana and the great wall of chocolate.

All dishes are fresh and are made at the customer's order, not before. Simon and I found them very fresh. Our favorite was by far The Mongolian beef.  Simon also loved the famous Chang's lettuce wraps. I also loved the tartare and the dynamite shrimp. There are also several gluten-free options.

To finish our dinner in very good company. We had the chance to visit the kitchens and then exchange with Philipp Chiang personally. Simon asked him would be his 3 top tips for a young entrepreneur that want to build a successful business. The answer was :

  • Be consistent, work hard
  • Keep it super simple
  • You need a little bit of luck

A huge Thanks to PF Changs Canada for the invitation et and the privilege to meet Philip Chiang

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