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Last weekend, I had a weekend getaway to Toronto! Just before I made a stop at the Carrefour Laval for the tenth anniversary of the Imperial Orchid range. Then after our visit to the Guerlain counter, we went to Toronto. In fact it was a business weekend, however, we took advantage of the weekend to take the time to celebrate Valentine's Day in advance and enjoy the fact that I had plenty of Guerlain products for testing. To stay in luxury, our weekend was accompanied by luxurious champagne of Moet & Chandon brand. Just as Guerlain, Moët & Chandon is a luxury brand,one of their slogan is: "Success is a matter of style!" I can not help but to agree with this quote.

So we have created a little sexy and luxurious atmosphere and I took the opportunity to take beautiful pictures for my blog and then you share a more luxurious lifestyle with my Guerlain routine.

I present you a luxury beauty routine.

Its been a couples of day that I am using use the sculptor serum from Guerlain. My look is bright and no one can tell  that i  could i’ve sleep at a little bit more.

The product from the bee comptent parmi les meilleurs cicatrisants naturels au monde. Guerlain Research active power extracted to create Abeille Royale: a care program at Pure Concentrated Royal, which stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process within the skin * to help repair continuously wrinkles and tissue firmness (* Test in vitro).

The first Guerlain Serum Sculptor look that combines a revolutionary new formula, a single applicator and an exclusive massage technique for a spectacular opening of the eye:
- A formula that focuses the effectiveness of restorative bee products Guerlain
- An applicator which perfectly merges with the finger
- A massage technique designed by the experts of the institute Guerlain
The contour of the eye is like decongested, smoother and brighter. Puffiness and dark circles are dimmed. The look is lifted, as extended.

Once my eye contour applied I apply my day cream and then the Guerlain Meteorites.

In 1987, for the first time, a loose powder comes in the form of multi-colored beads, the Meteors. On the brushstroke, these beads roll over themselves to release a veil of perfection of infinite lightness. The skin suffused with light, shining in new splendor. A revolution in the art of make: finally, a loose powder that does not just go! With Meteor, declined over the collections and seasons, Guerlain architect of light, puts the perfect complexion accessible to all women. The secret ? A multicolored constellation that infuses skin with a perfect shine.

First I used the bottom of foundation / BB cream BABYGLOW subtle, silky, impalpable. An alchemy of technology and magic that slips over the skin in a light veil of perfection, erases signs of fatigue, sublime youth and reveals the natural glow of skin refreshed, unified, plumper - nice and fresh as a baby skin. Real infusion of hydration, air and water deliciously textured Meteorites Baby Glow slides lightweight, gorging skin a refreshing and comfortable sensation that keeps the hours. Under his cool moisturizing, the skin smoothes and seems freed of fatigue, lively, plumped, radiant natural beauty. The violet scent is intoxicating. As Simon says: Smells luxury!

Then I add the legendary Meteors. Born expertise of expert craftsmen, this constellation cult of multicolored powder pearls unforgettable violet perfume created in 1987, comes in unprecedented harmony dedicated to White Pearl. Today, Meteorites hold the secret technology Stardust - a creator polymer light that turns the skin invisible light to the naked pure brilliance and infinite eye. Subtle marriage of matte white pearl, pink, blue and irradiating corrective color beads - yellow against redness, pink for freshness and mauve to catch the light - they illuminate the face of a halo corrector and illuminator for an infinite radiance.

I finished my routine with automatic Guerlain red in color number 121! Oh, do not overlook a few sprays of breath perfume Shalimar.

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